History of SKIFI

skifi history

It began back in the year of 1977, Mr. E. Tando, the President of Indonesian Karate-Do met Kanazawa Soke who was a Referee at The WUKO Karate World Championship, in Tokyo, Japan. Kanazawa Soke discussed his idea of separating from JKA to establish his own organization. Mr. E.Tando supported his idea.

SKI was finally established in 1978, Mr. E. Tando and Kanazawa Soke maintained close contact. Indonesia officially
joined SKI in 1980, adding 500,000 Indonesian members to SKI. Indonesia was one of the pioneering countries that
supported the SKI establishment, together with Hong Kong, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Kanazawa Soke first visited Indonesia to train and Dan Examination thousands of the Indonesian karatekas in 1980.
In 1982, SKI Indonesia sent their first offiˆcial team to train and to take Dan Gradings at Yotsuya Dojo, Tokyo.

SKI then had Kubota Sensei, Katsuya Sensei, Ichihara Sensei as instructors for the Indonesian delegation. Indonesia still send their best karatekas on regular basis to SKI.

In 1983, Indonesia supported SKI by participating in the first SKI World Championship in Tokyo, Japan.

As our dedication, Indonesia volunteered as the host country for The 7th SKIF World Championship in Bali, Indonesia in 2000, which was inaugurated by the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, Mdm. Megawati Soekarnoputri.

Although Indonesia was still in deep financial crisis in 2000, by many the Bali event was considered as the best in the history of SKIF. The event was attended by 56 countries. In Bali, Indonesia proposed to promote Kanazawa Soke 10th Dan, which was awarded by the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia.

In supporting Kanazawa Soke’s principal of love and harmony, SKIFI pioneered The First SKIF – JKA World Champions Coaching Clinic by Murakami Sensei and Kokubun Sensei in 2013. Indonesia will once again be the host country of the 12th SKIF World Championship in 2016. Indonesia will be the only country other than Japan that hosts SKIF World
Championship more than once.

Kanazawa Soke and Mr. E. Tando continue to keep close personal brotherhood relationships in their elderly lives.